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Where Are You located?

We are located at 211 1st Ave SW in Downtown Hamilton right across the street from Lacy's!

How do i become a vendor?

Simply fill out one of our Vendor Applications located on the Home Page of our website! We are looking for top quality vendors that fill a special niche in our community with their products! Are you an artist? Make it profitable! Build your own furniture? Sell it here! We are open and looking for all kinds of entrepreneurs!

Do you offer keto/dairy-free ice cream?

Our R&D team is working on a special mixture for both! We don't offer it yet because we want it to be perfect for our customers!

When are you open?

We are open 11-7 Tuesday through Thursday and 12-8 Friday & Saturday!


Have more questions?

If you have a specific question that you have not found the answer to yet please feel free to email us at

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